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Barex Replacement

Barex® Replacement with TOPAS® COC

Since INEOS announced in 2014 the demise of Barex PAN resins, the global hunt for a replacement has been intense. TOPAS Advanced Polymers and Polyplastics are pleased to announce that our COC plastic resins can in many cases deliver the performance you need, even in demanding healthcare applications including nicotine packaging. Since TOPAS COC is widely used in medical and food applications today, many processors have already developed solutions based on TOPAS high purity polymers. Heat sealable films, barrier packages and chemical resistant containers can all benefit from the unique properties of TOPAS COC.

This presentation summarizes the Barex replacement data we have developed to date. We will continue to update the slideshow as new information is generated by our research team. If you would like to discuss low permeation and low absorption films or containers in more detail, please contact us!

Barex is a registered trademark of Ineos Capital Limited.