Antennas for Mobile Devices

TOPAS® COC’s excellent dielectric properties allow for efficient wireless signal transmission and reception, ensuring reliable connectivity and enhanced performance of mobile devices. TOPAS® COC’s dimensional stability, chemical resistance, and compatibility with standard manufacturing processes make it an ideal choice for precise and reliable antenna designs, contributing to the sleek and functional design of modern mobile devices.

Why TOPAS® COC for Antennas

Maximize antenna performance – minimize form factor.

Only TOPAS® COC combines fluoropolymer-like electrical properties with the ease of polyolefin processing. TOPAS resins have excellent high frequency electrical properties for high-performance electronics, including antennas for mobile devices such as cellphones, tablets and more.

Heat distortion temperatures of 170C or above are available for high temperature applications. In some applications, TOPAS COC is blended with olefins such as PE and PP to improve their heat resistance and electrical properties.

High stiffness and exceptional dimensional stability, coupled with high flow, let you produce challenging high aspect ratio parts when other resins fail. As an amorphous polymer, TOPAS polymers do not warp like crystalline resins in complex parts. TOPAS COC offers unsurpassed molding detail and part definition. And TOPAS resins are essentially unaffected by humidity or moisture. Shape your future with TOPAS COC.


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Trends toward miniaturization and light weight never end...nor does the need to reduce cost. The electrical properties of heat-resistant, moisture-insensitive TOPAS COC make it an excellent tool for advanced electronic design.

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