TOPAS® COC is the perfect choice for medical wearables due to its exceptional transparency, biocompatibility, and mechanical properties. Its high optical clarity enables accurate monitoring of biosensors and displays, enhancing the functionality and user experience of medical wearables. TOPAS® COC’s flexibility, durability, and resistance to chemicals make it an ideal choice for wearable devices, such as smart patches and sensor-adhesive assemblies, promoting comfort, reliability, and accurate data collection in remote patient monitoring and healthcare management.

Why TOPAS® COC for Wearables

Consistent drug dispensing with TOPAS COC.

Precise, consistent delivery is vital for patient safety in life-sustaining drugs. TOPAS® COC has been the material of choice in insulin devices for over ten years. For reliable potency and dosing, TOPAS® COC improves the lives of patients worldwide.

With no plasticizers or BPA, TOPAS® COC is one of the purest medical grade plastics available, often outperforming glass in delivery systems for insulin and other sensitive pharmaceuticals. Meeting all major global regulatory requirements, TOPAS polymers shorten your time to market. It’s no wonder more and more wearable drug delivery devices rely on TOPAS® COC.

TOPAS® COC can be injection or blow molded in an infinite variety of precise shapes, and also used in flexible film formats. Specify TOPAS® COC in your wearable drug delivery platform to provide maximum performance for current and future product generations.


Explore Our Other Medical Uses.

Pharmaceuticals require the highest level of protection. With the high purity and barrier of TOPAS COC, blister packaging is safe and contents are protected from damaging moisture.
Whether you need clarity, stiffness, heat resistance, purity, chemical resistance, or challenging detail in your medical device design, TOPAS® COC delivers. This USP Class VI / ISO 10993 resin makes medical advances possible.
Advances in drug delivery are coming. And the advances increasingly rely on TOPAS COC to deliver features and performance other materials cannot.
Parenterals require the highest level of purity and inertness. TOPAS COC medical plastics are among the purest materials available. TOPAS COC enables glass-like clarity and design freedom.

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