Cellophane-Like Twist Films

TOPAS® COC has emerged as a superior alternative to cellophane for twist packaging, offering enhanced durability, flexibility, and moisture resistance. Its superior strength ensures that the twists stay securely in place, preventing unwanted unwinding or damage to the package. Our cellophane-like twist films provide a reliable and efficient solution for maintaining the freshness and integrity of various products, while also allowing for easy opening and resealing.

Why TOPAS® COC for Cellophane-Like Twist Films

Flexible Twist. Enhanced Preservation.

Films made with TOPAS® COC look and cut like cellophane, but can be produced on standard plastic film manufacturing lines. Because TOPAS COC is an olefin, like polyethylene or polypropylene, it can be teamed with these economical resins to deliver performance above and beyond older solutions like PP or HDPE.

TOPAS resins are the key to replacing costly cellophane. Films made with TOPAS COC can be used in all types of twist wrapping machinery – new or antique – because they cut like cellophane. TOPAS polymers have high stiffness, glass-like clarity, and unsurpassed deadfold.

The high gloss of TOPAS COC polymers will make your film sparkle! Clarity is excellent, and TOPAS retains print treatment like few other resins can, making printing and metallization simple and consistently attractive.

TOPAS-based twist films can be manufactured on conventional multilayer blown and cast lines, and process easily on new and old twist machinery – unlike other polymer films. The COC plastics are compatible with PE for ease of reclaim, and are halogen-free for easy waste-to-energy conversion.


Explore Our Other Packaging Uses.

Everyone wants their pouch to be recyclable, yet still perform. We have the technology! Only PE pouches enhanced with TOPAS® COC can deliver the stunning optics, heat resistance, stiffness and sealing speed that customers expect.
High density PE bottles with high gloss? Chemical-resistant bottles? Making bottles faster and thinner? TOPAS can help you.
Easy opening packaging is a success with consumers. Our TOPAS COC resins put your easy tear film on the winner's podium.
As online shopping grows, the demand for protective packaging is higher than ever. Until now, it's been difficult to create long-lasting air pillows that are easily recyclable. Now it's easy.
TOPAS® COC powers high performance shrink sleeves and films like no other polymer can. It delivers high shrinkage with gentle force, high gloss, superb clarity and printability, and easy cutting. And unlike PVC and PETG, COC-based films can float to ease recycling.

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