Protective Packaging Films

TOPAS® COC is extensively used in the production of protective packaging films due to its exceptional strength, flexibility, and puncture resistance. These films provide a reliable barrier against moisture, dust, and other external factors, safeguarding products during storage, transportation, and handling. TOPAS® COC protective packaging films are highly customizable, offering options such as bubble wrap, foam, or stretch films, catering to specific requirements and ensuring optimal product protection throughout the supply chain.

Why TOPAS® COC for Protective Packaging

Make Protective Packaging that’s thin yet strong, retains air, and is recyclable.

To protect cargo all the way to the consumer’s home or office, pillow packs must retain air longer than PE alone can. Some barrier solutions rely on incompatible polymers that compromise reclaim and recycling. But TOPAS® COC is a barrier ethylene copolymer that delivers the necessary air retention – and does not prevent recycling of used air cushions and trim.

With much higher stiffness than PE, TOPAS COC can enable downgauging of protective pillow films. That’s a real environmental plus, and a cost saving too. And the extra stiffness can ease film handling during the inflation process.

PE films enhanced with TOPAS COC look like standard polyethylene films, and can be produced on standard plastic film manufacturing lines. TOPAS COC also enhances thermoforming, so traditional bubble-style protective packaging is more uniform, in addition to the barrier and stiffness benefits.


Explore Our Other Packaging Uses.

Everyone wants their pouch to be recyclable, yet still perform. We have the technology! Only PE pouches enhanced with TOPAS® COC can deliver the stunning optics, heat resistance, stiffness and sealing speed that customers expect.
High density PE bottles with high gloss? Chemical-resistant bottles? Making bottles faster and thinner? TOPAS can help you.
Until recently, there have been two choices for twist wrap: crisp, clear (but expensive) cellophane, or polymer films with compromised machine performance and properties. Now there is a solution that combines the best of both worlds.
Easy opening packaging is a success with consumers. Our TOPAS COC resins put your easy tear film on the winner's podium.
TOPAS® COC powers high performance shrink sleeves and films like no other polymer can. It delivers high shrinkage with gentle force, high gloss, superb clarity and printability, and easy cutting. And unlike PVC and PETG, COC-based films can float to ease recycling.

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