TOPAS® COC is widely employed in microplates for its exceptional optical clarity, chemical resistance, and dimensional stability. Its transparency allows for accurate and reliable measurements in assays and screenings, ensuring precise data collection. TOPAS® COC’s inert nature and low autofluorescence make it an ideal choice for microplates, facilitating high sensitivity and reproducibility in various research, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic applications.

Why TOPAS® COC for Microplates

The leading material for advanced microplates.

TOPAS® COC is in many ways the most glass-like polymer available. Its ultra-high (92%) clarity and better UV transmission than any other polymer make it the ideal material for your most demanding analytical components – including microtiter plates, cuvettes, and more. Heat resistance up to 170C easily handles PCR and other methods.

The high flow characteristics of TOPAS medical plastics enable incredible detail to be designed into precision parts such as microtiter plates. Well counts can be maximized, flow channels incorporated, analyses optimized…TOPAS polymers make the most challenging designs a reality. Outstanding dimensional stability ensures consistent performance.

With ultra-high purity, medical grade TOPAS COC has lower leachables and extractables than other materials, resulting in the most reliable and repeatable results. The inert nature of the TOPAS medical polymer prevents interference with reactions and analyses. TOPAS medical grades are formulated without controversial ingredients like BPA, plasticizers, halogens or CONEG heavy metals. When accuracy counts, choose TOPAS COC.


Explore Our Other Diagnostic Uses.

Ultraviolet light is a critical tool for analytical techniques such as UV-vis and fluorescence spectroscopy. Our TOPAS polymers transmit UV better than other plastics.
Point of Care (POC) diagnostics require precise fluid control, the key to accurate sample analysis. Discover why TOPAS COC is the proven material of choice in rapid point-of-care testing.
Microfluidics are the next frontier in analytics and diagnostics. The amazing detail replication and chemical resistance of TOPAS® COC make it the perfect material for mass-produced microfluidic devices.

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