TOPAS® COC drives innovation through its research, technology, and sustainability efforts. By investing in advanced research and development, TOPAS® COC continually pushes the boundaries of polymer science to develop cutting-edge materials with enhanced properties and performance.


Our research focuses on advancing the understanding of polymer materials and developing innovative solutions for various industries. Researchers explore areas such as polymer synthesis, characterization, and processing techniques to improve material properties, sustainability, and performance. The aim of polymer plastic research is to drive technological advancements, address environmental challenges, and create new applications for polymer materials in fields such as healthcare, electronics, packaging, and more.


As a leading polymer plastic manufacturer, we utilize state-of-the-art technology to drive innovation and deliver high-quality products. Through advanced polymer synthesis, processing, and formulation techniques, TOPAS® COC stays at the forefront of material science, ensuring precise control over material properties and performance. By integrating the latest technologies into their manufacturing processes, TOPAS® COC consistently meets industry demands, providing customers with cutting-edge polymer solutions for diverse applications.


Unlike certain suppliers, we are committed to providing honest information about the environmental impact of our material. At present, TOPAS® polymer is derived mainly from petroleum-based feedstocks, but we actively support the ongoing development of polymer feedstocks derived from renewable, non-depleting sources and intend to adopt them as they become more accessible. We commit ourselves to providing quality products are strong enough to use less material, last a long time, and can be recycled to prevent them from ending up in landfills.

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