TOPAS® COC is widely employed in the development of diagnostics devices due to its exceptional transparency, chemical resistance, and dimensional stability. Its optical clarity allows for precise visualization of samples and test results, enabling accurate diagnostics. TOPAS® COC’s biocompatibility and low background signal make it an excellent choice for microfluidic devices, lab-on-a-chip systems, and diagnostic cartridges, facilitating rapid and reliable testing for various diseases and conditions.

Microfluidics are the next frontier in analytics and diagnostics. The amazing detail replication and chemical resistance of TOPAS® COC make it the perfect material for mass-produced microfluidic devices.
Point of Care (POC) diagnostics require precise fluid control, the key to accurate sample analysis. Discover why TOPAS COC is the proven material of choice in rapid point-of-care testing.
Advanced analyses require microtiter plates that are up to the challenge. Learn how TOPAS COC enables better designs and better results.
Ultraviolet light is a critical tool for analytical techniques such as UV-vis and fluorescence spectroscopy. Our TOPAS polymers transmit UV better than other plastics.

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