Our Leadership

As part of a global enterprise, TOPAS Advanced Polymers and Polyplastics have leadership in multiple regions.

Europe, Middle East, & South America

In Europe, the base of TOPAS Advanced Polymers’ operations, our managing director is Gregor Bommel. He has a strong commercial background, having worked all his professional career within the engineering resins market, most of this time in Marketing and Sales, with foreign assignments including Spain and the USA. Sales and marketing in Europe, Middle East and South America are headed by Dr. Wilfried Hatke, a polymer scientist graduate of the Universities of Marburg and UC-Santa Barbara who played a key role in the original development of TOPAS® COC in the 1990’s. 

United States

In the Americas, the TOPAS® COC segment of Polyplastics USA is headed by Timothy Kneale, an MIT chemical engineer with decades of experience in customer-focused polymer product development.

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