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TOPAS Advanced Polymers is a leading global supplier of high technology polymers used in a wide range of markets and products, from packaging films to medical devices to cell phones. We provide not just high-tech plastics, but strong technical support, enabling our customers to rapidly develop class-leading products that take full advantage of our unique products.

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Our company’s main product is the family of TOPAS® COC resins. These advanced polymers enable innovative product designs not feasible with other materials. Among their many attributes, TOPAS polymers deliver glass-like clarity, moisture barrier, stiffness and strength, excellent biocompatibility and strong electrical insulation properties. The unique properties of TOPAS COC have led to a growing array of applications in healthcare, packaging, diagnostics and electronics.

TOPAS Advanced Polymers also sells norbornene, a cyclic olefin used in pharmaceutical intermediates, agricultural compounds, specialty fragrances and high-damping rubber. Our company is the world’s largest supplier of this useful monomer and chemical intermediate, which is also used as a building block in the production of TOPAS COC.


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TOPAS® COC healthcare products offer sterile, reliable, and hygienic packaging solutions that ensure the integrity and safety of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare supplies.


TOPAS® COC diagnostic products utilize precise and versatile packaging to enable accurate and efficient diagnostic tests for early detection and improved healthcare outcomes.


TOPAS® COC materials drive innovation in electronics, providing insulation, protection, and flexibility that enhance performance, miniaturization, and reliability in diverse electronic applications.

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