Point of Care

TOPAS® COC’s inert nature ensures reliable and accurate test results while maintaining the integrity of the sample. TOPAS® COC offers excellent dimensional stability and compatibility with various manufacturing processes, making it an ideal choice for POC devices such as diagnostic tests, biosensors, and portable medical devices, enhancing accessibility and efficiency in point-of-care settings.

Why TOPAS® COC for Point of Care

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Glass-clear, with low autofluorescence and the highest UV transmission of any plastic, TOPAS COC outperforms other polymers, delivering precise analytical results.

The exceptionally low extractables and inertness of TOPAS COC make it one of the purest polymers available, meeting all major global regulatory requirements. In fluorescence spectroscopy, the very low leachables of TOPAS COC will not interfere with sample analysis.

Need fine features? Even submicron details are possible with​ TOPAS COC high-flow resin. Excellent dimensional stability ensures critical measurements for reliable test results. Plus, injection molding scale-up is a snap.


Explore Our Other Diagnostic Uses.

Ultraviolet light is a critical tool for analytical techniques such as UV-vis and fluorescence spectroscopy. Our TOPAS polymers transmit UV better than other plastics.
Advanced analyses require microtiter plates that are up to the challenge. Learn how TOPAS COC enables better designs and better results.
Microfluidics are the next frontier in analytics and diagnostics. The amazing detail replication and chemical resistance of TOPAS® COC make it the perfect material for mass-produced microfluidic devices.

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