UV Transmission

TOPAS® COC is utilized in diagnostics for its exceptional UV transmission properties, enabling accurate and sensitive analysis of samples. Its high transparency to ultraviolet (UV) light allows for optimal detection of fluorescent labels and biomarkers in diagnostic assays. TOPAS® COC’s precise optical clarity and low background signal make it an ideal choice for UV-sensitive diagnostics, promoting reliable and high-performance detection in various research and clinical applications.

Why TOPAS® COC for UV Transmission

The best UV transmission anywhere.

Exceptionally transparent to UV and visible light, TOPAS® COC is the clear choice for diagnostic and analytical disposables. We produce TOPAS grades with transmission at wavelengths as low as 220 nm, superior to other polymers. For transmission in the UVA and UVB ranges, and even the upper part of the UVC wavelength range, TOPAS COC is the best polymer available.

TOPAS polymers are stiff, strong, chemical and heat resistant. Purity is extremely high, as indicated by the numerous high-end medical applications for this family of products. The high flow of TOPAS medical grade resins enables complex, precise parts to be produced with exceptional reproducibility and dimensional stability. Heat resistance up to 170C with low autofluorescence is ideal for PCR and other protocols. Diagnostic and analytical applications for TOPAS medical plastic abound, because the trend toward smaller devices and higher throughputs makes TOPAS COC an essential material for high performance products when UV transmission is vital.

While TOPAS COC is highly transparent to UV, it is not particularly resistant to long term UV exposure, because UV stabilizers reduce ultraviolet transmission. We have optimized our medical polymers for the best available UV transparency by eliminating UV stabilizers, and thus we do not recommend use in repeat sterilization or other long term UV exposure applications. Single UV cycle applications such as diagnostics and analytical testing are our specialty and TOPAS COC medical grade polymer is the healthcare industry’s top choice for these uses.


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