TOPAS® COC serves a vital role in the healthcare industry, providing a wide range of applications such as medical devices, packaging, and equipment components. Its biocompatibility, durability, and sterilizability make it suitable for use in surgical instruments, implants, and drug delivery systems. Using TOPAS® COC in the healthcare industry ensures safety, reliability, and innovation, contributing to advancements in patient care and medical technology. 

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Wearable devices used in drug delivery require an ultra-pure medical polymer with proven performance and broad regulatory compliance. Explore how the unique properties of TOPAS® COC can enhance product development in this rapidly-evolving area.
Parenterals require the highest level of purity and inertness. TOPAS COC medical plastics are among the purest materials available. TOPAS COC enables glass-like clarity and design freedom.
Advances in drug delivery are coming. And the advances increasingly rely on TOPAS COC to deliver features and performance other materials cannot.
Whether you need clarity, stiffness, heat resistance, purity, chemical resistance, or challenging detail in your medical device design, TOPAS® COC delivers. This USP Class VI / ISO 10993 resin makes medical advances possible.
Pharmaceuticals require the highest level of protection. With the high purity and barrier of TOPAS COC, blister packaging is safe and contents are protected from damaging moisture.

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