TOPAS® COC is increasingly employed in the electronics industry, specifically for applications such as mobile device antennas, optical waveguides, and other electronic components. Its exceptional transparency, low signal loss, and high frequency performance make it an ideal material for achieving optimal wireless communication and signal transmission. TOPAS® COC’s dimensional stability, chemical resistance, and compatibility with various manufacturing processes contribute to its suitability for precise and reliable electronics applications, enabling enhanced functionality and performance in modern electronic devices.

Modern devices become smaller and more powerful with every design cycle. The excellent electrical properties and versatile moldability of TOPAS® COC polymers enable the next generation of compact, efficient mobile antennas to take shape.
Trends toward miniaturization and light weight never end...nor does the need to reduce cost. The electrical properties of heat-resistant, moisture-insensitive TOPAS COC make it an excellent tool for advanced electronic design.

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