TOPAS Advanced Polymers
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Easy Tear Packaging

Make easy tear even easier

Whether it's reclosable pouches, or single use products requiring easy access, your need for easy tear solutions has never been greater. We are pleased to introduce the simple solution: our TOPAS® COC polymers. A proven commercial success, food-grade TOPAS resins let you give consumers the easy access they ask for.

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

TOPAS resins deliver winning tear properties easily via blending, or by adding a coextruded skin layer. There's no longer a reason to complicate matters with lamination or perforation.

Easy Design, Easy Tear

Whether your film needs to tear in one or two directions, TOPAS COC delivers. You control the tear direction with recipe and processing conditions, making TOPAS polymers a one-stop solution to all your easy opening packaging requirements.

Buy One, Get More Free

Sure, you need an easy tear solution. But TOPAS COC delivers more. TOPAS resins are extremely pure, food-approved ethylene copolymers that can also add stiffness, moisture barrier, printability and gloss to your package.

Multilayer LLDPE Packaging Performance Improved with TOPAS COC.