TOPAS Advanced Polymers
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Medical Devices

A clearly superior medical device polymer

Your Clear Advantage

The glass-like clarity of TOPAS® COC medical plastic enables high visibility to become part of your design. Surgical instrument and medical device makers take advantage of the exceptional properties to incorporate features involving quality assurance, light delivery, and even diagnostics that rely on the high UV transmission of TOPAS polymers.

Resist Compromise

The healthcare environment can be challenging. Materials may need to withstand high heat in sterilization. Chemical challenges include alcohols, peroxides, cleaning agents, and aggressive products like bone cement blends. When other materials break down, TOPAS medical grade polymer resists these challenges and provides the consistent performance needed in critical medical uses. And the amazing dimensional stability and detail replication of TOPAS resins enable you to deliver more complex and consistent features than possible with other medical polymers.

The Power of Purity

TOPAS COC is an incredibly pure polymer - in fact, it's purer than most grades of medical glass. And when it comes to maintaining purity, TOPAS medical plastics can be sterilized via all common methods. Reduce risk and increase performance by maintaining the benign, protective environment that TOPAS-based devices provide. Rely on this USP Class VI / ISO 10993 series of medical grade materials for your next medical device. Please contact us for FDA Device Master File (MAF) information.