TOPAS Advanced Polymers
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The leading material for advanced microplates

Ultimate Transparency

TOPAS® COC is in many ways the most glass-like polymer available. Its ultra-high (92%) clarity and better UV transmission than other polymers make it the ideal material for your most demanding analytical components - including microtiter plates, cuvettes, and more. Heat resistance up to 170C easily handles PCR and other methods.

Maximum Efficiency

The high flow characteristics of TOPAS resins enable incredible detail to be designed into precision parts such as microtiter plates. Well counts can be maximized, flow channels incorporated, analyses optimized...TOPAS polymers make the most challenging designs a reality.

Purity Counts

With ultra-high purity, medical grade TOPAS COC has lower leachables and extractables than other materials, resulting in the most reliable and repeatable results. The inert nature of the TOPAS medical polymer prevents interference with reactions and analyses. TOPAS medical plastics are formulated without controversial ingredients like BPA, plasticizers, halogens or CONEG heavy metals. When accuracy counts, choose TOPAS COC.

MiTeGen's New Crystallization Microplate Made of TOPAS COC.