TOPAS Advanced Polymers
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Your smallest details are a big deal to us

Amazing Detail

Microfluidic chips and devices rely on the incredibly fine detail replication possible with TOPAS polymers. Submicron features are possible. The high dimensional stability of TOPAS® COC ensures your product will consistently perform as designed.

The Right Stuff

TOPAS polymers have excellent chemical resistance to common solvents used in flow cells and microfluidics, including alcohols, DMSO, acids, bases, and of course water. Properties include exceptional light and UV transparency, with very low autofluorescence. TOPAS resins enable integration of advanced analytical capabilities into your lab-on-a-chip design. Applications include drug discovery, RNA and DNA sequencing, protein reactions, genotyping expression, pathogen identification, and cell counting. And rapid prototyping (3D printing) is now possible with TOPAS 8007 to speed your design process.

Purity Counts

With an inherently high surface to volume ratio, microfluidic assemblies require an extremely pure substrate to minimize contamination and maximize results. The high purity of TOPAS COC medical grade plastic means that leachables and extractables are lower than other materials. The inert, nonreactive and nontoxic nature of TOPAS medical polymers also contributes to the perfect environment for microchemistry.

Technical Links

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