TOPAS Advanced Polymers
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UV Clear Plastics

Ultraviolet light is a critical element of many testing methods used in healthcare, chemistry and life sciences. If UV light is unable to penetrate materials, it becomes impossible to use certain analysis techniques. UV clear plastic resins by TOPAS are medical-grade, completely clear plastics that are manufactured with high UV transmission in mind. You can use this material for tests involving UVA, UVB, and UVC to 220nm. It is the most UV transparent plastic materials on the market. TOPAS cyclic olefin copolymers have many additional unique properties enabling performance that competing polymers are not able to achieve.


TOPAS COC polymer has better purity than even many grades of medical glass, along with non-ionic character and inertness. These characteristics eliminate or minimize many concerns that arise from using medical glass or lower purity plastics. It's also possible to sterilize this clear plastic without needing to use unconventional processes. You can use TOPAS COC in place of glass, acrylic, PC and silicone in many medical and diagnostic applications, including those requiring UV transmission.


Unreliable test results can lead to many negative consequences. Many polymers undergo change due to differences in humidity and moisture exposure, but TOPAS COC is essentially inert to moisture. Most of the grades are completely amorphous. Crystallization does not happen with amorphous TOPAS COC, delivering consistency for your tight tolerance design features. High flow and exceptional detail reproduction are key characteristics of this high purity product line, enabling manufacture of complex parts. Easily injection moldable, TOPAS COC facilitates scaleup to commercial production.

Resistant to Heat and Chemicals

High temperature grades of these medical grade plastics can withstand temperatures up to 170C without issue. This makes it possible for the material to go through steam sterilization. Many PCR diagnostic devices require up to 110C temperature tolerance, and multiple grades of TOPAS COC UV clear plastic fall within those tolerances for operation. The plastics also are exposed to a variety of chemicals in healthcare settings. Typical plastics may break down or fail when exposed to acids, bases, alcohols and other materials. Clinical analyses can't take place without these chemistries, so the plastic must be able to tolerate them. UV transparent plastics are excellent for disposables that need high transmission.

Excellent Moisture and Chemical Barrier

TOPAS medical-grade polymers are designed to act as barriers for the chemicals and moisture that are common in healthcare environments. They can tolerate solvents, reagents and other chemicals while maintaining accuracy and a long shelf life.

Compliant with USP <661.1> Standard and Others

TOPAS UV Clear plastic is the first commercial line of plastics with certified USP <661.1> compliance. This material is also compliant with many more global healthcare regulations.