TOPAS Advanced Polymers
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Recycle-Friendly Shrink Labels & Films

No other material matches the advantages of TOPAS® COC in shrink applications. Take the proven route to success in sleeves, labels, and films.

​Perfect Shrinkage

We offer a family of crystal clear TOPAS resins so you can tune your shrink curve to meet your customers' precise requirements. And while shrinkage can be as high as PVC or PETG, shrink stress is surprisingly low - a real plus for delicate or downgauged applications.

Great Labels and Sleeves

TOPAS polymers are a powerful solution for shrink label and sleeve applications. They are stiff, yet cut easily. They have outstanding gloss and clarity, and retain print treatment exceptionally well. Seaming is a snap for sleeves, while standard olefin adhesives work well for labels. Talk with us about coextruded solutions that will work for you.

​Premier Shrink Films

For shrink packaging, TOPAS resins are the right choice for high performance. The sparkle and clarity enhance the appearance of any product. The polymer becomes exceptionally tough after orientation, for enhanced product security. Heat seals are consistent and strong. With the high stiffness of TOPAS COC, downgauging is easier than ever, and shrink stress is lowered even more!

Density Advantage

PET bottle recycling is a fact of life, and it's imperative to do a good job of label removal in the recycling process. Unlike ordinary shrink sleeve resins, TOPAS COC enables label manufacturers to make low density, flotation-separable labels that meet APR and EPBP guidelines. Be part of the sustainability solution - choose TOPAS resins for your sleeves.