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Making Pouches Recyclable

Make your pouch recyclable

The standup pouch has a world of advantages. But recyclability has not been one of them. We can help you fix that!

Stiffness Matters

A limp pouch film means slow printing, converting, and filling, with poor standup performance. Nobody likes that. TOPAS® COC is a food-approved, high clarity ethylene copolymer that is 2-3x stiffer than even HDPE, delivering strength and dimensional stability to enable the performance your customers demand.

Seal the Deal

Another reason PE-only pouches struggle is sealability, leading to low line speeds. High temperature grades of TOPAS COC can add heat resistance to the non-sealant side of a pouch film, enabling higher seal bar temperatures and faster sealing. Meanwhile, lower temperature COC grades can be incorporated into the sealant layer to add stiffness without compromising seals.

Easy Tear, Easy on Eyes

Want an easy-opening pouch? TOPAS COC delivers. You control the tear performance with recipe and processing conditions, reducing or eliminating need for other processing steps such as perforation. And the high gloss and transparency of TOPAS COC add the shelf appeal consumers expect. COC can be printed and metallized, typically more easily than polyethylene.

Recycling Compatible

Because COC is an ethylene copolymer, it processes well in combination with PE. The Association of Plastics Recyclers has issued Critical Guidance Recognition to COC/PE combinations for films and even rigid containers. In Europe, COC has earned certification as a recyclable material with PE and PP.

We can recommend coextrusions and lamination structures that will deliver better line speed and better overall performance, while maintaining recyclability within the PE film family. Contact us today to learn more!

Additional reference info: Multilayer LLDPE Packaging Performance Improved with TOPAS COC.