TOPAS Advanced Polymers
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Cosmetics and Bottles

Cosmetics and TOPAS® COC - A beautiful combination

The Beauty of Glass - Minus Breakage and Weight

By many measurements, TOPAS COC's appearance is close to glass.  But unlike other clear polymers, TOPAS resin offers more than just good looks.

Protect the Formula - Set the Pace

TOPAS polymers are unique in their resistance to moisture ingress and egress, as well as loss of other compounds such as alcohols commonly used in cosmetics. Shelf life can be extended while delivering an attractive package. TOPAS resin is a safe, pure polymer. Unlike some other polymers, TOPAS COC has a non-reactive surface. It is free of bisphenol A and shows minimal estrogenic activity. TOPAS resin can be used in opaque packaging to boost barrier and gloss for greater shelf appeal, and meet the precise dimensional requirements of high speed automation.

Create Illusions – Mask Product Imperfections

Color adds vibrancy to the glass-like quality of TOPAS COC with high shine in thick-walled bottles.  Transparent tints and opaque colors differentiate packaging designs.  Additives offer an illusive, misty appearance that allow content silhouettes to be seen, while masking imperfect details, like chalkiness.  Frosty creations mingled with high shine add contrast and packaging design variety.

TOPAS COC – Bridging the Gap in Today’s Marketplace

TOPAS resin is the bridge between pharmaceuticals and cosmetics as the material of choice in both nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals.  TOPAS COC offers purity and inertness that glass and other polymers cannot match for drug stability, with the flair of shine and beauty for shelf appeal.