TOPAS Advanced Polymers
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Cellophane-Like Twist Films

When your twist film requires clean cutting and high gloss with superior twist retention.

Films made with TOPAS® COC look and cut like cellophane, but can be produced on standard plastic film manufacturing lines. Because TOPAS COC is an olefin, like polyethylene or polypropylene, it can be teamed with these economical resins to deliver performance above and beyond older solutions like PP or HDPE.

Crisp, Stiff Twist Film - and It's Not Cellophane

TOPAS resins are the key to replacing costly cellophane. Films made with TOPAS COC can be used in all types of twist wrapping machinery - new or antique - because they cut like cellophane. TOPAS polymers have high stiffness, glass-like clarity, and unsurpassed deadfold.

Maximize Your Appearance

The high gloss of TOPAS COC polymers will make your film sparkle! Clarity is excellent, and TOPAS retains print treatment like few other resins can, making printing and metallization simple and consistently attractive.

Machine Friendly

TOPAS-based twist films can be manufactured on conventional multilayer blown and cast lines, and process easily on new and old twist machinery - unlike other polymer films. The COC plastics are compatible with PE for ease of reclaim, and are halogen-free for easy waste-to-energy conversion.