TOPAS Advanced Polymers


Display your best with TOPAS® COC

Stellar Optics

The glass-like clarity of TOPAS COC is a perfect fit for today's thin, ultra-clear mobile device displays. TOPAS resins are used in light guides, retardation film, reflection film, touch screen film, 3D displays and glasses, heads-up displays, and more. The high Abbe number and low birefringence of TOPAS polymers maximize your optical performance.

Moisture Resistance and Protection

Other optical polymers can lose performance when humidity changes. With negligible water absorption, TOPAS COC dimensions and physical properties do not fluctuate with the weather. Water vapor transmission of TOPAS resin is among the lowest of any polymeric material, protecting sensitive components from the harmful effects of moisture.

High Temperature Performance

Grades with heat distortion temperatures of 170C and above are available for high temperature applications such as ITO coating processes and edge-lit displays.

Stiffness, Flow, and Dimensional Stability

High stiffness and exceptional dimensional stability, coupled with high flow, let you produce challenging high aspect ratio display components when other resins fail. TOPAS resins also deliver unsurpassed molding detail and part definition for the most advanced designs.