TOPAS Advanced Polymers
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Perfect Parenteral Packaging

Preserve purity with the perfect glass alternative


With very low leachables and extractables, TOPAS® COC medical plastic can outperform medical glass - especially in highly alkaline solutions, with protein-based drugs, or where adsorption is a concern. The benign COC medical polymer is extremely low in ionic content, and presents a nonreactive, nonpolar contact surface for biologics and advanced molecules. Our medical grades of TOPAS resin comply with USP Class VI and ISO 10993, and are the only cyclic olefin plastics with FDA and EU direct food contact compliance. TOPAS medical grade polymers also have FDA Drug and Device master files. TOPAS COC is suitable for bio-tech drugs, diluents, vaccines, lyophilized products, oncology preparations, and contrast media.

SCHOTT TopPac® Ready-to-Fill syringes made from TOPAS COC are available in 1ml to 50ml sizes.


TOPAS polymers have outstanding moisture barrier, extending shelf life in biologically inert containers and delivery systems which are crystal clear and less prone to breakage than glass.


TOPAS medical grade plastics can be sterilized by all conventional methods, including steam autoclave, ethylene oxide (EtO) and gamma irradiation. Peroxide sterilization is also possible, as is ultraviolet (UV) thanks to the high UV transmission of TOPAS COC. And TOPAS COC maintains mechanical properties after sterilization. Contact us to select the best grade for your process.


Create appealing, more functional products free of the design constraints of glass. Our glass-clear TOPAS medical polymers offer outstanding dimensional consistency and stability. With high flow and exceptional detail replication, TOPAS COC enables your most challenging designs to reach their potential. One example: Insulet's low-profile OmniPod insulin delivery device. Another: the award-winning Schott design for high-viscosity drug delivery. Also: Design whitepaper.


As the TOPAS COC product portfolio is constantly expanding, please contact us for up-to-date regulatory status of specific grades.