TOPAS Advanced Polymers

Solar and Photovoltaic Backsheet

High performance thermoplastic solar raw materials 

Low Dielectric and Tan Delta

Only TOPAS® COC combines fluoropolymer-like electrical properties with the ease of polyolefin processing. TOPAS resins deliver the excellent electrical properties needed for PV backsheet structures, while providing excellent adhesion to EVA resins used as encapsulants in many solar structures.

High Temperature Performance

Many polymers are automatically disqualified from solar uses due to poor heat resistance. But TOPAS COC is available in grades with heat distortion temperatures as high as 170C or more, making it the perfect choice for your high temperature applications.

Excellent Moisture Barrier

Advanced solar compositions may need protection from atmospheric moisture. TOPAS polymers are among the best barriers to moisture available - as much as twelve times better than PET, for instance. TOPAS polymers can be colored and stabilized as desired, then laminated or coextruded to form backsheet structures when multiple layers are desired.