TOPAS Advanced Polymers
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TOPAS® COC is a versatile electronic material

Low Dielectric Constant and Tan Delta

TOPAS COC combines fluoropolymer-like electrical properties with the ease of polyolefin processing. TOPAS resins have excellent high frequency electrical properties for high-performance electronics including 5G. Radomes and cable insulation can benefit from the unique properties of TOPAS polymers.

Low Moisture Absorption and Transmission

With less than 0.01% water absorption, TOPAS resins' electrical and physical properties do not fluctuate with environmental conditions. Its water vapor transmission (WVTR) is among the lowest of any polymeric material, protecting sensitive components from the harmful effects of moisture in devices and films.

High Temperature Performance

Heat distortion temperatures of 170C or above are available for high temperature applications. TOPAS COC also improves the heat resistance and electrical properties of PE and PP resins via blending.

Stiffness, Flow, and Dimensional Stability

High stiffness and exceptional dimensional stability, coupled with high flow, let you produce challenging high aspect ratio parts when other resins fail. As an amorphous polymer, TOPAS polymers do not warp like crystalline resins in complex parts. TOPAS COC also offers unsurpassed molding detail and part definition for complex connectors and other components.

Versatile Processing Capabilities

TOPAS COC gives you many options for manufacturing your product. The resin can be injection molded, foamed, extruded into film or fiber, thermoformed and more. TOPAS polymers can be joined by heat, laser, solvent, ultrasonic or adhesives. TOPAS-based items can be printed or metalized for decorative or functional effects.