TOPAS Advanced Polymers
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Capacitor Film Performance

Ready for New Semiconductors and Higher Frequencies?

Enhance Thermal Performance

TOPAS® COC is a performance polyolefin additive that can raise the operating temperatures of polypropylene capacitor films by up to 40 degrees C. Enter the new world of high energy densities, high band gap semiconductors and ever-higher frequencies via TOPAS COC enhancement of PP. Prevent the significant derating required of PP-only capacitors at operating temperatures of 85C and above.

Thin Film Capable

PP/COC films have been demonstrated down to 3 microns on OPP capacitor film manufacturing equipment, enabling high density and compact capacitor size. The extremely high purity of TOPAS® COC helps ensure a flaw-free film.

Excellent Self Healing

Metalized PP capacitor films are known for excellent self-healing properties. While other high temperature dielectrics often can not match this performance, COC-PP blends retain excellent self-healing properties due to the chemical similarity of the constituents.