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Valeritas' Innovative Wearable Insulin Delivery Device Features TOPAS® COC

Injection Molded Cartridge Delivers Drug Compatibility and Dimensional Stability in Game-Changing Device for Type 2 Diabetes Treatment

FLORENCE, Ky., January 25, 2018 – A game-changing insulin delivery device developed by Valeritas Holdings, Inc. offers patients with Type 2 diabetes a simple, affordable, all-in-one option that is worn like a patch and can eliminate the need for taking multiple daily shots. The V-Go® Wearable Insulin Delivery device features an injection molded cartridge made of TOPAS® cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) from TOPAS Advanced Polymers. The innovative V-Go® Wearable Basal plus Bolus Insulin Delivery device, designed for adult patients with Type 2 diabetes, is commercially available in the U.S. TOPAS will highlight this unique application at the upcoming MD&M West in Anaheim, Feb. 6-8  (Booth #666) and Pharmapack in Paris, Feb. 7-8 (Stand B23).

V-Go is designed to simplify basal-bolus insulin therapy and helps make blood glucose control possible for adults. V-Go is a simple, affordable, and fully disposable device and works with no electronics, batteries, infusion sets, or programming. It is small, lightweight, and worn under clothing.

V-Go Wearable

A critical component of the V-Go’s insulin delivery device is the cartridge made of TOPAS COC. After thorough research and evaluation, the material was selected over competitive thermoplastics due to its purity, drug compatibility, biocompatibility, and dimensional stability, according to Geoffrey Jenkins, executive vice president of manufacturing and research and development for Valeritas. TOPAS COC can also be molded with zero draft.

“TOPAS COC fills an important role in the cartridge system of the V-Go insulin delivery device,” said Jenkins. “We find it to be highly stable in contact with the drug and it has great optical clarity; moreover, it offers good injection molding characteristics with excellent dimensional stability and minimal shrinkage.”

Unlike other engineering thermoplastics or glass, TOPAS COC offers a non-ionic, minimally reactive surface. This non-polar substrate does not promote adsorption, denaturation, aggregation, or precipitation. Glass-clear TOPAS resin has very low leachables and extractables compared to glass and other medical grade polymers for drug delivery and thus preserves long-term drug purity and enables better quality at high yields.

The tube-shaped cartridge contains 1ml of insulin. Valeritas reports that users switching from multiple daily insulin shots to V-Go significantly lowered their glucose levels and reduced their insulin use by as much as 44% per day.

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About Valeritas Holdings, Inc.

Valeritas is a commercial-stage medical technology company focused on improving health and simplifying life for people with diabetes by developing and commercializing innovative technologies. Valeritas’ flagship product, V-Go® Wearable Insulin Delivery device, is a simple, affordable, all-in-one basal-bolus insulin delivery option for patients with Type 2 diabetes that is worn like a patch and can eliminate the need for taking multiple daily shots. V-Go administers a continuous preset basal rate of insulin over 24 hours and provides discreet on-demand bolus dosing at mealtimes. It is the only basal-bolus insulin delivery device on the market today specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of Type 2 diabetes patients. Headquartered in Bridgewater, N.J, Valeritas operates its R&D functions in Marlborough, Mass. For more information, visit

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