TOPAS Advanced Polymers


Protective packaging is a challenge. You want to use as little material as possible to protect the package. We can help. Our TOPAS® COC resins toughen up protective films, adding stiffness, barrier, and thermoformability, so thin recyclable films can do the job.

TOPAS® COC powers high performance shrink films like no other polymer can. It delivers high shrinkage with gentle force, high gloss, superb clarity and printability, low density, and easy cutting. No other shrink resin can match these advantages - not PE, PP, PVC nor PETG.

Easy opening packaging is a success with consumers. Our TOPAS COC resins put your easy tear film on the winner's podium.

Until recently, there have been two choices for twist wrap: crisp, clear (but expensive) cellophane, or polymer films with compromised machine performance and properties. Now there is a solution that combines the best of both worlds.

Cosmetic formulations need appealing packaging that protects the performance inside. Learn about a new, glass-clear plastic with unique protective properties.